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"This is a session, not a show" was repeated many times at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts. And the glass barriers between the performers were the visual reiteration. The cushy seats made a rock show environment even more distant. Lots of Todd related rarities were set up in display cases in the lobby. I believe this was the only time I've ever seen a copy of Roger Powell's _Cosmic Furnace._ During these days of recording there were a couple of mentions of city-walker Todd being spotted on the Streets of San Francisco prior to the recording sessions.

Todd was set up with three cups of progressively stronger solution. He used a music baton to direct activities throughout.

They got "Love Science" out of the way first. I've always considered this a very catchy and clever tune, and a good "would've been" single.

With "Change Myself" one could quickly feel that this was one of the extra special Todd tunes. And now with hindsight, it's arguably the best song Todd has ever written. We know that's saying a lot.

"The Smell of Money" was fun. It's that one comedy tune on the album. And it contributes one of the several Broadway arrangements found on _2nd Wind._

"If I Have to Be Alone" is the most underrated song on the album. Sad song though.

"Who's Sorry Now" is 2nd Wind's most soulful touch. It's writing was well catered to this group recording set up.

"Love in Disquise" is .... to be polite ... not the best song on the album. It's a Broadway duet arrangement with ... sorry again ... a fair at best female lead vocal.

Warmth oozes from "Kindness." A song which Todd revealed is about his grandmother. I now think of my grandmother when I hear it. George thinks of a girl he saw in a certain club in Lowell.

Todd gives us a slow paced rocker in "Public Servant." It's a good rocker, but not quite a single. I really like Praire Prince's drum pounding on this one.

"Gaya's Eyes" is a nice earthly nod, but a filler song.

The title cut to this album is also underrated. I love the non-standard arrangement. "Second Wind" strikes me personally as the follow-up to the song "Initiation." This is a little stretch, but it works for me. This is one of those Todd songs that sends a chill. Sharp arrangement and the message beckons whenever it's played.

_Second Wind_ was a very good project and album that speaks for itself.

- ED

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