2nd Wind

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Keeping with my unintentional habit of commenting only on every other album...

2nd wind is actually one that has lost some of its favor with me over time. There's some great songs on it, and several that really suffer from some TR indulgence.

My 2 cents is that "Change Myself" is an all-time Todd classic.

"Kindness" is close.

I like "Love Science," "Smell of Money" "I I Had To be Alone" alot.

"Love in Disguise" has some interesting lyrics, but, yes, it's basically a "show" tune.

I tolerate "Public Servant" (barely, though I liked it on tour) and "Second Wind."

I skip "Gaya's Eyes" every time, and "Who's Sorry Now" makes it some of the time. Both suffer from over-earnest Todd making a statement syndrome. (As opposed to understated Todd making a huge statement effectively syndrome, ala "Honest Work.")

And though it doesn't really count, "Jesse" is a great novelty song.

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