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First day of Japan Tour was held in Tokyo. About 10 min late at start time PM7,tour members(quite same with US tour) was walking from left of the stage. Kicking with "Magical Mystery Tour". Performances was combined to one set,solo songs was played only one song per each person. Todd wore black suit with tie and white formal shirts. Before started to sing at "Hello it's Me",shouted "Konbannwa!"(means "Good evening" in Japanese). he sung with very politely.(not loosy),when he found many One World(of Japanese fan club) members,he shouted "Everybody in the house!". During fool on the hill,Todd jumped and danced around the stage like McCartney on film "MMT" setlist:MMT/Eye in the sky/Barracuda/Hello it's me/Biggest part of me/Real Me/Back in the USSR/Lady Madonna/I'm Down/Fool on the hill/While my guitar/Here comes the sun/LSD/Hide love away/Maybe I'm amazed/Rain/Blackbird/Me and My Monkey/Revolution/Day Tripper/Ticket to ride/I wanna hold your hand/Hey Jude/Encore:Birthday/Golden Slumber-The end. Less talk,more music is my impression. 1hour 45min. Many business man in audience with dark suits and very quite mood during musician plays.

Next day is Saturday,opened 1 hour earlier. So had some talk between the songs. setlist is almost same except added "Yesterday".

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11/9/2001 - Koseinenkin Hall - Tokyo, Japan

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