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I havent been a Todd fan for very long but I am hooked! He was great in SC on Saturday night. This was the last show of the US tour and it must not have been advertised very much because there was nobody there! I got front row seats right in front of TR. I had heard that he sang a song about WV girls, being from WV I held up a sign that said "WV GIRLS" He laughed and showed me his teeth, he wears billybob teeth when he sings this song. He went on to say that the song is called WV GALS not GIRLS. OH WELL...... The concert continued and the music was great. TR made fun of Ambrosia, he must not think very highly of them. Towards the end of the concert I decided the toss my bra up on the stage...TR picked it up put it on danced around then tied it on his head! PRICELESS! He eventually tossed it back my way and my hubby caught it LOL. I didnt have backstage pass but begged a security guy to let me back and eventully I got to go. I spoke to Todd and asked him about the WV gals song...he had his billybob teeth in and sang a few lines for me. I also told him he wore my bra on stage and he signed my pass. He was completely bored with me and ready to go so I left with GREAT MEMORIES! Todd has a great sense of humor and really made the show. Ann Wilson has a wonderful voice, she and TR seemed to have a great time together.

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7/28/2001 - Carolina Amphitheatre - Marion, SC

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