Sewell NJ 7/27

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The first half was much better, to me. Todd was singing great all night. They were recording the show so I guess he knew he had to have it together that way. The harmonies sounded great. Ann Wilson was marvelous all night - great singer and performer. David Pack was surprisingly good on guitar and vocals. "The Real Me" rocked hard with Godfrey Townsend doing a pretty good Daltrey. The second half had a few highlights. Todd on "While My Guitar...", "Everybody's Got Something to Hide..." was a great song choice, Todd doing "Rain" and a great solo "You've Got to Hide...". I don't need to see any band playing "Day Tripper" again. They could've been so much more adventurous in the Beatles song selection. What about "Baby You're a Rich Man", or "Sexy Sadie" - anything but the same old songs. But then I'm a full time musician and I'm looking at it from a different perspective than your average concertgoer, I guess. Overall, it's a shame that such talented people have to resort to such a lowest common denominator vehicle to survive. It's too bad that the record business is all geared towards the "young 'uns" and these pros have to play cover tunes in a high school gym to survive. But that's a whole 'nother story...

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7/27/2001 - Center for Performing Arts - Sewell, NJ

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