Seaside Park show in Brooklyn

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I won't reiterate the general reviews that have so far accompanied the tour. I saw the Westbury Show, which I loved, but would agree that the theatre in the round aspect can be both good & frustrating (when you see the backs of the bands when your favorite song is playing). But you do get close to the band. At any rate, the day before this show had been sweltering hot (95 degrees and 95 % humidity), and then it rained almost all day. Needless to say, there was great worry that it would be pouring during the show. Instead, it was just about the most perfect summer evening to hear an outdoor concert. What really made the whole thing surreal was Marty Markowitz (Brooklyn borough president, I think); this man blathered in his heavy accent for 30 minutes before the show started, repeating himself like a broken record (mispronouncing names, pointless reminiscences, and shout-outs to Coney Island in the house..oi vey). The crowd was fairly thin, with a total of about 2,000 people...could have easily had twice the number. Ann sounded even better than at Westbury (a week ago) and it felt like the band was beginning to hit their stride even more. In other words, they were feeling each others spaces & rhythms and allowed themselves to really get into the material. I really like Todd's reworking of Hello, It's Me with soul swoops and falsetto. During the intermission Marty continued to bore people to death, and we just watched the general freak show that paraded around (it was a FREE concert!). Everyone tried to remember who was the actual drummer on the End medley on Abbey Road. Was it actually Ringo? What's really exciting is how this could come around next year with all new material and still be so fantastic.

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7/26/2001 - Seaside Park - Brooklyn, NY

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