A Walk Down Abbey Road ( A Tribute To The Beatles

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Hi my name is Joe, just saw the (A Walk Down Abbey Road ) concert  this past thursday in Brooklyn N.Y. It was awesome!!!! I'm a big fan of Todd's earlier works, especially ( Nazz )  I was at the concert to really see Todd, I didn't know that the first set was going to be a little of everybody's songs, what a suprise!!!

 I got blown away when I heard  "Open My Eyes" one of my all-time favorite songs, never thinking he would ever do that song!!!!!, plus "Hello Its Me" alla " Nazz "style, (slow version).  With all that talent on stage they pulled off all the vocals and music, that if you closed your eyes you thought that "Nazz" had reunited, believe or not it was very close musically and vocally, as good or if not better than the original verisions!!! You almost thought they were playing the record for a minute!!! The only thing missing was just the "JET" sound in "Open My Eyes". That's It!!!!

 Now for the reason I wrote you guys, I guess you know what I'm going to ask. Do you know if they are planning to make a  CD of this concert??, maybe a double CD, first one being the" ARTISTS "set, (especially Todd's songs) and the second one being  "THE BEATLES" set. Everybody that saw the concert was saying " I would love to have this concert on CD or better yet DVD!!  

Would you know if there's anything planned to make this a reality ?

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7/26/2001 - Seaside Park - Brooklyn, NY

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