Abbey Road Tour in Seaside Park Brooklyn

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Well its back to listening to the touring(not quite touring) Todd again. This time with an all star cast of rockers. John Entwistle sporting a quite mature but classy look, Alan Parsons , mild mannered and friendly, Ann Wilson the perpetual diva rocker and yours truly Todd R. Todd was the rocker representative of this group with a lot of onstage activity, jumping , joking, some splits, hair waving in the wind and ripping guitar work. The band started out with the Magical Mystery Tour , followed by Todd's Open My Eyes. I had forgotten how good this song was.

On to the highlights for Todd fans, Hello its Me was sung by Todd, sans guitar as usual with a more clubby type tempo, bringing the audience(I swear I heard more Russian spoken than English) to a standing applause. His third song was Bang on the drum, well OK you know he had to do this. All along I kept listening for the guy yelling" THE WHEEL" at BBKings to show up.

The second half of the show featured Beatles songs. Once again Todd was in my opinion holding the torch for this.His acoustic guitar was finally tuned, Monty the roadie from BBKings must have stayed home. While my guitar gently weeps was played by Todd most impressively, either on his Rickenbacker or SG( nice paint job). Todds vocals throughout the other songs(See the roadset list on the tour schedule page.) was phenomenal. My nine year old son thoroughly enjoyed the screaming rocking guitar work by Todd. I can only hope I have saved him from InSync and rap music. I must add that the guitar work of Ambrosias David Pack was also well done adding the more serious side of guitar solos to the set. All in all at least in this show, Todd was again the main guy, he jokingly told Ann Wilson several times after his finished sets to stop mentioning his name, he even did the shush ala Austin Powers, but we knew who was who.(no pun intended.)

So here I had a deuce of Todd in one week, ,man, life can be good. I got to see him rock and roll with a full band and do his solo gig at BB Kings.. Can you beat that?

I can only hope that Todd reads this and realizes, we ain't letting you off the touring hook. Who (no pun intended) are you kidding, you love this stuff, I we enjoy every second of it. Your energy level is there, really there, so keep us happy and keep touring.

And folks don't forget the Patronet internet connection to Todd at, I joined and I thinks its great.

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7/26/2001 - Seaside Park - Brooklyn, NY

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