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Well the show was excellent. My brother was back from Spain and for his Birthday I took him to the show. We had 2nd row seats which was a real treat. Being a huge Todd fan I was in awe of his presence. My dream someday is to play for him. He has influenced my own compositions more then anyone else. So Todd if you read this and want to give an upcoming musician a break, please get in touch with me.

Any ways, back to the show!

All in all it was a great show. Ann Wilson's voice was beautifull. She has lost nothing. Godfrey Townsends guitar playing was right on the mark. Man he was worken that guitar like there was no tomorrow. Loved his sound! Think I am going to go out and buy a Line6 amp. David Pack's voice was incredible. I have always been a fan of Ambrosia! What a treat. John E was suffering from some bad gas or something. He kept shaking his head and looked agitated. But that did not take away from his playing (love the LED's on the neck ha ha)! The keyboardist was quite emotional and seemed lost in the stratosphere somewhere (gotta lay off the smokes). But he was good. I enjoyed Allan Parson's collaboration. He is shy but what a musician! Todd had some mic issues in Hello It's Me but handled it well. I would say the only negative thing with the show was the overall sound. It was probably due to where I was seated. I could not hear Todd's solos to well. Can't wait to see Todd perform again. By the way I wrote a tune dedicated to Todd called "Ode To Todd" Hope you get to hear it someday Todd!

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7/22/2001 - Oakdale Theatre - Hartford, CT

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