AWDAR...Oakdale Theatre...7/22/01

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Well, being a Todd fan from way back (29 yrs) there was no way I was gonna miss this tour. This tour was like a dream come true for me. I'm a Who fan from as early as I have memories, JE is always amazing.. The APP always had a special place in my heart. The first time I heard of them was the mid 70's at a Laserium Show (remember those). I always loved Anns voice(what's not to love). And a very close friend of mine ,Godfrey Townsend is wonderful on this tour.

The Oakdale is a perfect venue for this tour. Large stage,great sound,screens that make it easy to watch the solos.

This was my third time walking down Abbey Road,and I'm not tired of it yet. This was the best sound of the three(Westbury,Waterloo). I don't need to go into details,it's been done in previous reviews...

This tour is 100% FUN...Dancing and singing by all. I brought a friend that has never witnessed Todd before. She really enjoyed his antics,as did the audience. Forever the clown,he is just the perfect entertainer.

I'll be at the free show in Brooklyn this thursday...But right now I need to get to BB Kings for THE REAL DEAL....

LIFE IS GOOD...four AWDAR shows and a TODD Solo show in one week...

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7/22/2001 - Oakdale Theatre - Hartford, CT

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