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Upon entering Westburys stage area you notice something completely different than most venues. its seating is in the round. With a turntable that rotates. A very small intimate place with a great sound system. Seating is very up close and personal. (it helps having 5th row, stage level seats) the band took the stage on time and came out blasting away with magical mystery tour, and then into an amzing version of open my eyes.. boy does todd command a stage when he wants to. I'm not going to go thru the set list its pretty much the same as all the other shows. But of note is Anne Wilsons voice, Dave Pecks musicianship, and John E's thunder fingers. The Who songs brought down the house. standing ovations thru out the whole show, people dancing in the aisles all night. Its an amzing idea to get these musicians together to do something like this. and its real evident they really enjoyed doing this type of show. Having been a todd fan and having seen todd from the early days '73( haven't missed a tour ye t) He can still give an amazing performance when he wants to. (mistake free.) as i have said in prior posts LOOK OUT EUROPE HERE THEY COME.....this band is hot......MIKE A

and by the way the todd rundgren's paradise gained / rack job 2 cd-r is still available in the no frill version...ma4utopia@aol.com

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7/19/2001 - Westbury Music Fair - Westbury, NY

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