tribute to the beatles; wolf trap

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A great night indeed. My second time seeing this show. Previous one was in Champion, Pa. at the bottom of a bunny trail. Last night was definitely better primarily due to the bigger stage. The performers seemed more relaxed and determined to bring the roof down.

Todd stole the show. His owns works were done with the usual style and grace. But, he pulled out all the stops with his Beatle solos. Ann Wilson was great too, but Todds' performances seemed a cut above the rest. He was up, his antics on stage kept the audience into the show. Lots of interaction between performers and the audience due to his silly behavior, playing the fool, demanding input; which enhanced everyones performance. He and Ann remarked that they had never performed at Wolf Trap before which brought on a howling wolf response from the audience. It sort of brought everyone in the pavillion together. This mood enhancer got everyone on their feet, singing along with everyones favorite Fab Four ditties.

This show brought some of rock's finest to the stage, but.........the Wizard......still the True Star.

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7/17/2001 - Wolf Trap Filene Center - Vienna, VA

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