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Wow! We had so much fun last night at the Walk down Abbey Road concert.


I contacted Jim Garner from Richmond and arranged to meet for a pre-concert picnic at the outdoor Wolf Trap amphitheater. And even though we only knew he was thin and blonde, I was able to pick him out, point, and say, Jim? He answered, Geraldine? Yeah!

It was fun to swap Todd stories and watch the people go by -- an incredible age range, from 2 to 72! I'll never look at any gray-haired oldster person the same way again. We have a lot in common if we are digging the Beatles...


We came without tickets, looking for good seats, and went to the box office to see if they had any last minute front-orchestra and, YUP, scored row 13! Great view of the band but unfortunately during the loud numbers we couldn't hear the Entwistle bass riffs in the mix, which were up and down, and all over, the guitar neck.

Some interesting highlights and set list:
Magical Mystery Tour
Open My Eyes
Pie in the Sky -- noticed a lot of Alan Parsons fans in this crowd, we're surprised.
Crazy on you
My Wife

Hello Its Me -- Todd sighs to start, "I was hoping we could skip this part..." Then, following the line "thought about us for a long, long, time..." he comments, "Though obviously not long enough!" He walks the edge of the stage back and forth using his appealing movements to add emotion. (familiar to us, I thought, but excellent intro for new fans. He was really THE performer from start to finish, and was the only one working the stage. (Ann was kind of blah, IMO, and still 'carrying that weight' which may inhibit energy/movement.)

More Alan Parsons and David Pack songs


Todd comments about the "Wolf" in Wolf Trap, like we were those in the trap. The whole audience -- which completely packed the place!-- starts howling like wolves! Jackie Rae would've gone nutz.


David Pack announces that Wolf Trap has special meaning to him because he was in the audience for some 60th anniversary/birthday party for Leonard Bernstein. He then describes Bernstein as HIS MENTOR -- after just hearing his greatest hits, this has me in shock! -- and the Godfather to his son.

Todd irreverently introduces him later as David Pack, I mean, "Leonard Bernstein!"


Bang on the Drum was so hot. They put a snare on a stand in front of him so he could Bang in between belting out the lyrics. I COULD NOT stay in my seat toward the end of the song and popped up to jump around to the beat... I think it emphasized the joy that was available to people if they could only drop an inhibition or two. Finally, at the end of the song the masses climbed to their feet in appreciation. New Todd fans were being born, for sure.

TR was greeting and thanking at different times in French, German and Japanese.

Can you see the Real Me!!! Can ya, Can ya?? (much energy erupts here) Godfrey Townsend does a perfect vocal rendition to sound just like Daltrey. It turns out he IS IN the John Entwistle Band, along with the drummer, Steve L. Only these three, plus the keyboarder, John, play here.

After this rocker, they throw the girl out to do Dreamboat Annie, she sounds as though she thinks it is a mistake to bring her out to "change the mood". Big ovation at end though.

Games People Play
My Generation -- During this and My Wife, Todd takes on the Townsend role and does the jumping and Windmilling of the arms on the guitar. So cool here at the end.


Todd comes out looking totally like a mod (or is he a rocker?) wearing black and white psychedelic bell bottoms -- skin tight, a long flowing white silk shirt with ruffling cuffs and front and topping it off, a coat of white tails!!

USSR Lady Madonna (TR- lead vocal)
I'm Down
Fool -- the top of Ann's music stand collapses and TR comes over and holds it up, then, KNEELS on one knee presenting his assistance to hold it up for her. She swoons, "Todd, My hero!" (OH!) Got a picture here. TR tumbles around the stage as 'The Fool' during the dreamy closing, round-n-round-n-round, slapping his tambourine at strategic places, including over John Entwistle's head. Dave Pack points to him during the applause announcing his name to the fans. Alan states afterward, "that was the first time The Fool got any credit for this song"

Guitar Gently Weeps -- Many non-Todd fans erupt standing with applause after his screaming solo. And then again at the end, a huge standing ovation for his soloing.

"Another GH song, We'd like to wish him well" Here Comes the Sun: a bank of yellow lights rise toward the audience like dawn throughout the song.

Lucy -- Todd acts like he's tripping, his fingers making "Trails" in front of his face. This show could be subtitled, featuring 'Todd' Foolery...

Jim, my hubby, and I think some of his gestures during others' "hits" -- like the Bee Gee-Pack (Bernstein?) numbers -- were sometimes, though funny, sarcastic in a way that turns some off. But in hindsight I think he was just behaving as a creative child would -- I have a 10 year old who has fun in this very way, especially when he's bored. It is their way of genuinely creating humor and having a good time, even when it is at someone's expense. So, if people don't take it personally, they could appreciate simply the clowning.

Todd solos with Hide Your Love Away. We love the flute part at the end, which, though they have plenty of flutes on stage, is a non-flute rendition in Todd's own falsetto, again showing the crowd his versatility.

Baby I'm Amazed - with Joh keyboarder and Todd on Sychronized Tambourines (again having lots of fun throughout miss Ann's emoting)


Me and my Monkey
Day Tripper -- D Pack makes huge gestures to tell the people to get up and band encourages. So finally, people are dancing to these 5 wonderful songs. -- Even the 3 oldsters in front of us, who were looking like they REALLY resented all the VOLUME that had been pouring down on them, are up and swaying, lips reciting the familiar lyrics.
Ticket to ride
I wanna hold your hand -- Afterward, Ann says, these songs are written into our very DNA. (Except apparently David Packs' because he is forgetting the lyrics half the time - Jim Corbley)

Hey Jude and the regular encores of Birthday and Golden slumbers/Carry/The End finish off the set.

A fantastic time is had by all.
Hello to Jim Garner and his sister Anne, it was good to meet you.

Hello to Jerry Caldwell in VA beach (I wish it weren't sweeps week, we could have started a tradition for the Virginia TR fans.)

Love and Rock and Roll, I'm listening to McCartney in concert right now, because I haven't got enough.

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7/17/2001 - Wolf Trap Filene Center - Vienna, VA

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