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This was my 39th time to see Todd. I havent seen him since 1993, but I spent my entire misspent youth loving, worshipping and adoring him. When we got to the Melody Tent, I was first struck by the completely loving, awesome, beautiful vibe that surrounded the entire place. I knew this would be the case, as anyone who is a fan of the Beatles, Todd, Anne, John, and Alan would be likeminded. Everyone so colorful too... it was all about the music and the love. When the usher brought us to our seats I could not believe it... right up in the fourth row... I was ecstatic, as the Melody Tent can be a crap shoot what with the two ginormous circus tent like poles around the stage. I had read on Ann Wilson's website that crowding on the stage was a now frequent obstacle they had to overcome, and so I was kinda cracking up at the sardine way the drums etc were set up; I could just imagine when they all came out what it would be like. It was kinda like a police line-up, all shoulder to shoulder, guitar to guitar, the road crew scrambling to make adjustments as the stage revolved.

When they came out, of course I only had eyes for Todd. Everything from my youth came back to me and I looked like a chick from the old Beatles stadium concerts, practically screaming and shaking like a leaf at the sight of him. (((As if it weren't enough to witness the whole assemblage of rock royalty))).

I have never been more elated in my entire life to see and hear Todd. Everything about him is just as charismatic, talented, funny, beautiful, cosmic and wonderful as I had always known and loved him with all my heart and soul to be. I spent the entire evening in complete adoration and heaven at the sight of him. He is just so beautiful... so gorgeous and his voice and guitar playing is so lovely to behold.

As you all know by now, they took turns doing solo stuff, and solo Beatles stuff, and every song was incredible. I knew they were all whipped from flying back and forth to Hawaii, but you should have seen Todd... dancing and bein' a ballerina ((like his old girlfriend who used to do the Mushroom fairy dance during Can We Still Be Friends ala Hermit of Mink Hollow tour)))... Todd was the centerpiece of the evening. I noticed the dudes called him "hey RUNDGREN"... cuz he was being like a punk and all over the place and just so hip, so cool, so center of attention...

It was all too beautiful... I could not even bring myself to stand in the cattle line that surrounded the VIP ropes... to be that close to him would have been too painful...

At the risk of sounded outdated, sophomoric, and otherwise... I must say that TODD, you are so intensely beautiful, so immensely talented, the light of my life and the man who set the stage for all the ways that I know how to LOVE, AND i THANKYOU FROM THE bottom of my 39 year old heart for giving me the opportunity, once again, to be so filled with such complete and total awe and admiration for ABSOLUTELY everything that you are. Your guitar playing and voice are beyond compare, and unique in all the history of humankind... everything about you shows the Divine Light and Appointment you so completely have been deserving of in this lifetime. AND YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN i HAVE ever LAID EYES ON...

This concert was the event of a lifetime... one can only hope that a DVD or CD will come out of all this for all the people who so foolishly made the decision not to witness this awe inspiring event.

Much Love and Happiness from Susan Ellis, Cape Cod MA

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7/15/2001 - Cape Cod Melody Tent - Hyannis,MA

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