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This was a private show put on for Mass Mutual Financial Group who were commemorating 150 years. Of course, I am not an employee of, but none the less being a dedicated fan, if there is a will, there is a way to see the show without providing the required clearances to enter.  Prior to the show, I took a 3 hour helicopter tour that encircled the island, visiting many waterfalls, an active volcano, macadamia nut farms and so on.   Upon return, got a bite to eat and had several high grade cactus juice topped off with grand marnier.  Unable to score an “in”, I proceeded to walk over to the Hilton from the Outrigger.  Being 3 sheets to the wind, the path took a detour across the lava bed over to the ocean, spending a few minutes checking out the sunset over the water.  I went on my merry way and wound up on the back side of the Hilton.  Made another stop at the dolphin pen and watched a dozen dolphins go round and round.  As I traveled down the path further, I came up on the golf course but do not see or hear a show in immediate vicinity, I felt like a fool on the hill.  Time is ticking away and I finally reached the lower lobby of the Hilton, the attendant stated the the next bus is coming shortly.   I waited 20 minutes and the bus finally arrives.  I asked if this was the bus going to the show, the attendant nodded and I proceeded onto the bus.  In my mind, I hear the attendant saying: Roll up, Roll up for the Mystery Tour!  Step right this way!  We’ve got everything you need. When I arrived, the show just started the second set and I landed a spot 15 feet from the stage near Todd and Alan.  You all know the set lists so I am not going to bother repeating.  Todd was picking away on the psychedelic SG (an Eric Clapton, Jackie Lomax hand me down) and then went to a Rickenbacher, and if you look closely, you will see that it is inscribed by John Lennon.   Wondered how Todd happened upon that one.  I bet Alan Parsons got it from Abbey Roads studio.  Does anyone out there know?  The show is outstanding, even though I only saw half of it.   John, Ann and the whole gang were on top of their profession.  No souvineers were sold here, however I ran into one of the event staff personnel and within a minute she gave me the shirt off her back and I got a bonus to boot.  Life is good here on the island, satisfaction guaranteed.

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7/13/2001 - Hilton Waikoloa Village (Private show) - Kailua_Kona, HI

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