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I would guess that there were between 1500 and 2000 people there. I saw a fair number of kids with parents.

My friend and I were seated about 40 rows back in front of Rundgren and I was so bored during the Parsons/Ambrosia songs in the 1st set that we considered leaving then and there. I am glad another friend convinced us otherwise and that some kind souls left 3 seats open in the front row at John's feet, where we saw the 2nd set :-)

I REALLY dug the Heart material, Ann Wilson is a gorgeous (IMO), charismatic woman with a fantastic set of lungs. John made Rundren's "Bang on the Drum", and Heart's "Crazy on You" and "Barracuda" quite interesting. "My Wife" and MG were pretty lame IMHO, but the JEB really got into "Real Me". For the boring stuff John either left the stage or tapped on a single string with a single finger.

Highlights of the 2nd set:
"Maybe I'm Amazed" Ann Wilson is awesome. I want to have her babies ;-)
Godfrey lit up during this set and I got the feeling that John was feeding off his energy, laying down some very interesting lines.
Fine guitar work from all 3 leads and very capable vocals from Pack.

Lowlights of the 2nd set:
Parsons singing "Blackbird". Bad idea.
"Lucy in the Sky", "Fool on the Hill" were flat. Must be that Ambrosia influence.

All in all, a show that was fun but not worth putting a whole lot of effort into. They are playing in Hyannis on Sunday (25 miles from home). I'm going to skip that one.

In case Bista Talent is listening, I've got an idea: Entwistle + Rundgren + Wilson + Luongo + Townsend. They could generate some heat!

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