Run, Don't Walk, To Abbey Road

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AMAZING! Where to begin? The band played at a Boston waterfront venue that holds 5000 & the place was about 80% filled. This was an absolutely rewarding musical experience. The dissenting reviewers I've read on line (the distinct minority) must be individuals that would complain about anything. This band ROCKED! The sets were basically the same as listed by others earlier & the talent of this troop was undeniable.

Highlights: Dave Pack has got to be one of the most underrated performers. His vocals were immpeccable & his guitar playing 'rock solid'. Ann Wilson's voice just has to be heard to be believed. Steve Luongo was sensational on drums while John Entwistle & Geoff Townsend played flawlessly.

Alan Parsons was like your favorite uncle at a family gathering, enjoying the company and making you feel at home.

Todd? What can you say. He was 'spot on' this night. I've read he doesn't like 'Hello, It's Me' (a personal fav of mine) but played it straight & was well received. 'Bang the Drum' (not a personal fav) got the crowd to it's feet & rocking! He was definitely the Lennon of this entourage, and his guitar playing on 'Rain', 'Revolution' & 'Day Tripper' was classic. The Beatles set was one I'll remember for a long time. The band played all the songs straight & the audience ate it up. Us 40, 50 & 60 year olds can still dance a step or two!

Afterwards, a promised back stage pass indeed materialized, and we got to talk to Todd for about 45 minutes. He was very down to earth & genuine, and we chatted about Rex's baseball career among other things. My fingers are crossed that the photo we took with OH comes out.

In conclusion, if you are a Todd fan & a Beatle fan, this will be utopia for you. Every band member justified his/her presence on that stage & they seem to be enjoying this tour. See this show!!!!!

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7/11/2001 - FleetBoston Pavilion - Boston, MA

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