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My friend Kerry McDowell, his girlfriend Michele and myself went to the Turning Stone Casino to see the show. It's a small venue wich seats only about 600. We had great seats and sat on Todd's side. The show was awesome. Very energized. Ann Wilson just blew us away!!!!! I would have liked more guitar work from Todd, but My Guitar Gently Weeps was tremendous. During Hello It's Me I went to the front of the stage to give Todd newspaper articles and pictures I cut out of his son Rex who is playing baseball here in Utica for the Utica Blue Sox which is a minor league for the Florida Marlins. He took it and said Thankyou. As for the rest of the show, Alan Parson's Blackbird was beautiful. As was Todd's Hide Your Love Away. They played well, no mistakes (that I know of). They were all very interactive with crowd and seemed to be having fun. The crowd was really into it also. After the show as we were walking out, Kerry and Michele took an Abbey Road poster out of one of the showcases. Of course I had to have one, so we went back in and got one more. They are big, 50x20 and a flimsy plastic, very colorful. We went out a different door and all the tour buses were there. I knocked on one and it was Ann's bus. Her driver was really nice and chatted with us. After about 10 min. John Entwistle and the Townsend guy came out and talked and took pictures with us. John let us in and was standing talking to people, and I saw Ann's driver and he called me over and told me I could go into see Todd!!! I called to Kerry and Michele and we all went in. Everyone was in there talking and signing things for people. It was a small room, not alot of people but alot of activity. I asked Todd how he like the articles, he said thanks, now I know what's going on. When you have kids the only time you hear from them is when they want something!! ha ha Alan Parsons said he gets really really nervous before he has to sing blackbird but you would never know it. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and they all seemed to be enjoying being there. We were in there for about 1/2 an hour. We took pictures and chatted with everyone. They all liked our posters and and signed them and wanted to know where we got them. When we told them we took them, Todd said it's ok because the show is over and they will just get rid of them. Alan Parsons wanted one, I don't know if he went looking for one or not. When we left we walked out with Ann because she was leaving that night. She is a beautiful woman. All the other pictures don't do her justice.  Quite a memorable evening!!!! On the way home we got stopped for driving 45 in a 30 mph zone. When we told the police officer we weren't paying attention because we were excited about the concert and all the autographs we got, he told us he would not give us his autograph!!

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7/9/2001 - Turning Stone Casino - Verona, NY

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