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The whole band was great. Without Todd it would have been like the Who without Daltrey or the Beatles without Lennon, or Utopia without ....

The Who songs were very good, My Wife, the Real Me, and My Generation.

TR's fooling around and hand gestures are very mild. The drummer seems to be silly like Todd. Pack doesn't mind playing around, Townsend a little also.

Ann Wilson's voice is a nice addition. But she dances like Elaine from Seinfeld.

Fun Quotes Etc...

David Pack: "It is great to be in your great land and thank you for making us feel so welcome."
TR: "Your great land that is so connected to our great land."

TR: His arm around John Entwistle exhorting everyone to sing along to Hello Its Me, putting the mic up for John to sing.

TR: Explaining the Bang on the Drum phenomenon, Todd's asks about sports in Canada (Arena Football, Hockey) "just trying "to connect with the audience" The next song Ann Wilson says, "Thank you Canada - and I am not trying to connect with you, just saying thanks."

Drum falls over half-way through Bang, and Todd tells the tech guy picking up the drum, "..and while your at it, can you tune the thing."

TR: Just before "Hide Your Love", a guy yells out "Hey Todd, Utopia Man!" Todd replies, "Are you talking to me?" It felt like "Utopia who?"

TR: After, Todd promises to sing the entire Gordon Lightfoot catalog.

TR: Changes to black pants in the middle of the Beatles set, cause the "Pantaloons are squirmy".

TR: "Has a hockey game broken out or something" in response to the nice ovation during the encore. 

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7/8/2001 - Copps Coliseum - Hamilton, Ontario

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