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Set #1
Magical Mystery Tour
Open My Eyes
Crazy On You
My Wife
Hello It's Me
Don't Answer Me
You're The Biggest Part of Me
How Much I Feel
Bang The Drum
The Real Me
Dreamboat Annie
Games People Play
My Generation

Set #2 Back In The USSR Lady Madonna I'm Down Fool On The Hill While My Guitar Gently Weeps Here Comes The Sun Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds You've Got To Hide Your Love Away Maybe I'm Amazed Rain Blackbird Me and My Monkey Revolution Day Tripper Ticket To Ride I Want To Hold Your Hand Hey Jude

Encore Birthday Golden Slumbers / The End

This was the second show of this tour I've seen and they were virtually identical. I think we probably all have a good rundown of who does what during this tour. I won't bore you with those details, but will try to point out the nuances of this show.

The two most driving factors of this show were the weather and the crowd. The weather flat out sucked. The first set stayed relatively dry, but the second set was more of a downpour. Alan Parson's was almost apologetic when introducing "Here Comes The Sun" in the midst of a steady drizzle. The real irony came during "Rain" when the real "heavy stuff" (as Bill Murray would say) started to fall. The rain dampened some spirits and drove a few people away, but it ended up being nothing more than an inconvenience.

The crowd was also a major factor in this show. The place was pretty crowded to start. You get all types at a rock show, but we were stuck by some numbscull who continued to yell "rock and roll" at the top of his lungs during "Dreamboat Annie" (and the rest of the show for that matter). He was finally escorted out for hopping the rope into the VIP section. In lieu of the idiacy, the crowd was one with the band. The rain almost acted as an adhesive between the two. One guy stood shirtless during the heaviest rain with arms spread like he was being baptised. Another guy laid back in his chair, head thrown back, arms out. The person next to me checked his pulse and security called an ambulance. It ends up that the guy was fine, he was just absorbing the music (and the rain too!) Weird!

The show, overall, was a bit more loose than the one I saw last week. You can tell the band has fallen into a routine, a comfort zone. Entwhistle was even wearing tennis shoes. For some reason, that was the oddest part of the evening. The band was tight and everyone put in their stellar performances as usual.

Todd pretty much reigned supreme. He seemed to have the biggest fan gathering. He also played the part of the fool again (throughout the show, not just that one song). Although I missed it, I understand that Todd accidently exposed a certain part of his male anatomy which caused him to miss the entire "Real Me". His vocals were strained in a few spots and guitar leads limited to just the standard few songs. It was a good, but not great show for Todd.

This is the final show of the tour I'll be seeing. Like the two Ringo tours, I love seeing Todd playing with other music legends.  Some may look at this tour as a bunch of baby boomer re-treads trying to cash in on someone elses music. I don't see it that way. I could tell that this band truely enjoyed playing these songs. If was fun for them and us alike. I'd rather see solo or band tour and for Todd to get off of the rib cook-off circuit, but this was a nice diversion for a summer.

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