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Well my head is reeling this morning. I wish it had never ended. Perfect night not too hot, not too cold. Music and passion in the air. Took a 20 year old friend to see "A walk Down Abbey Road " and believe we have a new TR fan. He will never cease to amaze me with his impeccable guitar playing but mostly with his incredible stage presence. What a guy. I danced, I sang, I swooned. Chills were raised at the sound of Anne Wilson's electrifying vocals. The Fraze Pavilion is a small venue in a residential area. Even the near body cavity search upon arriving was forgotten after an evening of pure bliss. Kept thinking about the bad blood (if you will) between John Lennon and Todd. Forget about it!! Todd is one stand up guy. I Wanna do it again!!

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7/6/2001 - Fraze Pavilion - Dayton, OH

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