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First let me tell you about the show! After reading all the reviews of the previous shows I knew much what to expect, but I have to say I was pleasently surprised at how great this show is!! The Todd stuff in the first set left a little to be desired, perhaps because he still wont take himself seriously and be proud of having hits that made it to mainstream radio!! It's certainly not my favorite material by him, BUT!!! Ann Wilson outshone them all, as earlier reported, I feel so happy to see her out touring again! The rest of the performers came off as the well seasoned musician, performers that they are, and all did a wonderful job! Todd carried much of the vocal weight second set, and did a great job of it. The whole tribute idea sat well with the crowd and I, and we all rose to the occasion! Now, about the "BRUSH OFF" Ohio has to have one of the biggest Todd Rundgren following around, and it was very apparent in the crowds reaction! Lots of TODDDDD being screamed out from all directions, yet for the 20+ fans that bothered to wait 1 1/2 hours out back for a glimpse and maybe an autograph we did get the "ROYAL BRUSH OFF." We were all yelling out Todd's name, and as each of the other celebs came out, Alan Parsons, Ann Wilson, we payed our respects to them but then asked about Todd, we were finally told he would be out in 10 mins, and he came out promptly and got straight into the van and off he went! We were totally dissed!! Shame on him!! Anyway, the show itself is great, do yourself a favor and don't miss it!!!

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7/6/2001 - Fraze Pavilion - Dayton, OH

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