Walk Down Abbey Road a Pleasant One

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It was a beautiful evening for an outdoor show. So much so, you would have thought the musicians themselves would have been a little more into the karma after the show but more on that later. Without a doubt these artists performed extremely well together pulling off their own hits as well as the Beatles tunes, seamlessly and nearly flawless. Make no mistake, if the fans came in numbers for any one artist it was Todd. It was obvious that Todd was the most talented of the four "Superstars" receiving billing credits which brings me to the question. Why did the other artists not receive any credit? I thought the performance by David Pack was excellent and Mr Townsend's vocal and guitar performance on "The Real Me" was killer yet they received no real credit other than recognition during the show. Guys, let me give you credit here and now, you were excellent and the "Superstars" could not have done it without you! The only thing I thought was lacking (considering the talent grouped here) was to constantly add a new song or two as they moved through the tour. Now on to the "Beef". I have read the reviews and followed this tour knowing what to expect including a meet and greet after the show. Alan Parsons came out and I understand Ann Wilson did too but Todd and everyone else disappeared in a couple of mini vans after we waited for nearly an hour after the show. Maybe next time.

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7/6/2001 - Fraze Pavilion - Dayton, OH

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