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I just came back from the "Taste of Chicago" show and I must admit being somewhat skeptical about what I may see. I was impressed by the band, they covered the Beatles song flawlessly. The two stars of the evening were Todd and Ann Wilson. Ann was the vocal standout. I can only compare her singing to Janice Joplin. She kicked ass vocally. Everybody was loose and seemed to have a good time. "Open my eyes" was fun, "Hello its me" was Todd singing to his Chicago fans, and even "Bang the drum" was fun. John Entwistle stayed pretty much in the background and covered his bass parts excellently. David Pack from Ambrosia was the relative unknown and he sang great and played great. But I did care for any of his songs that he played they were too "soft rock" for my tastes. The WHO songs "My wife", "My Generation", and "The Real me" Kicked ass. The backup players were great. The keyboard player with the orange hair reminded me of Roger Powell. Alan Parsons really stayed in the Background also. A very good show and it was free!!!! This show is a must see for the line-up of talent.

Ann Wilson you were incredible!! Todd you were the "Fool on the Hill"!!!

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7/5/2001 - Taste of Chicago - Chicago, IL

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