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Wow! what a show at the Taste Of Minnesota. A nice cool evening on the steps of the State Capitol, set the tone for a great concert. The first set was exeptional. Open My Eyes featured some smokin' guitar work by Todd. I was very impressed with Dave Pack's vocals on the Ambrosia tunes. He has a falsetto like Todd's. Ann Wilson was great. The Alan Parson's tunes were just like the record. The opening keyboard part to Games People Play sounded like a sample of the original sound. The back up musicians were very solid, especially the keyboardist. John Entwistle's bass playing was great, he has strange technique, he sort of flicks the strings. He was very focused and precise in his playing. The drummer was great, he did all of Who songs justice with the double kick drum. I didn't hear many miscues they were tight! Todd added some humor to the show, the people standing next to me weren't big Todd fans, but said they were very impressed with him. The second set was very cool! It was nice to hear Todd sing the Rain Song, I always liked his version. The vocals were stellar Todd and Dave Pack doing Falsetto, and Ann Wilson adding natural high parts made for a nice mix. That was definately the best free concert I have ever seen. I would highly reccomend this show, it isn't very often you have this kind of talent in one band. Go see it!! Ray Gilman

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7/2/2001 - Taste of Minnesota - Saint Paul, MN

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