review of todd show in st paul, mn on july 2

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the show in st paul was outstanding. todd r. and john entwistle from the Who both were spotted signing autographs for folks near the "merchandise table" about 40 minutes before the show. todd seemed to be in very good mood. saw him talking with a lady and her small daughter just offstage just before the band went on. he waved several times to his fans he spotted in the crowd. being a fan of his or not, todd truly dominated the show. open my eyes (2nd number) was solid, and hello its me was well received by fans. the crowd was large, easily 5000 on the vast lawn by the capital. todd also sang "bang the drum" (his "4 minute cure for kids attending who have ADD"), and sang lead on the majority of beatle tunes performed in the second set. he even got down off the stage and took a micraphone out to the front row of the crowd to get their participation on hey jude. one could tell he was bored on a few of the tunes he played back-up on (like some of the ambrosia mush), as he would horse around and make "assorted gesticulations" to his fans in the crowd(of which there were many). ann wilson and todd were a good vocal compliment, but my gosh she needs to go on the adkins diet. much better if her sister were there to listen to (and look at!) the band was tight, todd was excellent/very impressive, crowd loved the show. interestingly, after the show, ann wilson scowled at those fans yelling her name as she exited the stairs off the stage to go to her dressing room (one could see her walk between the stage and her private dressing room). she looks like one unhappy person (or else she was running late for the grand slam special at dennys). tr scampered off to his trailer.

todd was a different performer, in terms of preparation, vs the LA show in april.

this is a tour not to miss.

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