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To be honest, the show was truly enjoyable from all aspects! Todd was in good humor as usual! The shirt table was off to the right of the stage and as I was going to get a shirt, the band members were all getting on stage! Therefore, I wandered up to the front of the stage to the right where Todd and Alan Parsons were standing! I was wearing my Todd t-shirt from his last tour (and, all night, people were asking me where I got the shirt!)... I thought all the performers were great especially David Pack from Ambrosia. I have always been a big Ambrosia fan and David's voice was in good form as he sang the lead on Alan Parsons' songs... Todd had a little humor with David in referring to his last name. "Half a Pack", Todd said... with David saying "how about a six pack?".. I found Todd providing good team support with solid rhythm guitar with occassional leads.. He seemed very involved with The Who's "My Generation" as all of us know that T.R. loves the Who... John Entwhistle provided rock solid bass that only the Ox can do... For all of the slings that Ann Wilson takes because of her weight, she still can sing strong and beautiful. She did a beautiful interpretation of "Maybe I'm Amazed" where Alan Parsons exclaimed Ann's version is the best next to Mr. McCartney's.... All in all, it was a good night for rock and roll where one could step back in time for a few hours...

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7/2/2001 - Taste of Minnesota - Saint Paul, MN

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