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6/30/2001 –  Seven Springs Presents "A Walk Down Abbey Road" Super star performances by: ALAN PARSONS, ANN WILSON,  JOHN ENTWISTLE, TODD RUNDGREN and, the special addition of David Pack of Ambrosia.

  This review is mostly for the girls . . .  And is mostly my personal account . . . so you may wish to look elsewhere for a  music centered review.

I did kiss Todd, so I am still giddy from this most memorable night.  I won't write about the other great talents there, all (but Ann & David) that we also met near the tour bus.  My sights were on Todd,  . . . everyone else was just . . . Not Todd!  Mind you, by day I am a level-headed mother and psychotherapist . . . but when it comes to Todd , whom I loved since I was 14 . . . we'll  I'm a bit goo-goo-ga-ga!!

  My Husband, Mike, ( the lawyer who wishes he was still a full time musician) and I traveled just 2 hours from Boardman, Ohio for the show.    Mike also enjoys Todd, and profits greatly from my TR obsession!  Seven Springs was a beautiful venue. The crowd was light due to inexperienced promoters, no disservice intended toward the remarkable talent.  We were fortunate to arrive a half hour before the show and sit in the very front row.  The music was as wonderful as everyone has reported.  I loved every note and danced on the blanket from beginning to end.  My first high point of the night was when Todd's work was spotlighted with "Hello It's Me."  My husband and I unfolded our SIX FOOT  " TODD"  SIGN that we had smuggled in.   No other artist had a fan with a six-foot sign!  I do think the surprise tribute amused Todd,  for I got quite a smile and some extra cool guitar playing my way.  The crowd behind me seemed to enjoy the Todd sign, then we displayed it on the fence before security could have a problem with it.  That was really all I could have ever hoped for; amazing music, Todd right in front of me, and knowing I communicated my affections for him . . .

  But it got even better!

  Todd looked great for both sets.  Rock & roll black for the first, and the coolest black & white flowered flared pants in the second set.  He looked young and casually hip . . . he was airborne as he jumped around on stage for "Bang on the Drum."  He was humorous and engaging in his inane banter with Ann, his observations on the "sluice" flowing toward the stage, and his goofing with the false teeth and stage twirling to "Fool on the Hill.". (Remember these false teeth for later part of the story.)  There was some very stunning guitar playing and that magic of his voice!  Every note delivered, ... what a performer!

  In the second set the snow fence was trampled at Ann's suggestion, and we all enjoyed the authentic renditions of classic Beatles' tunes from the front of the stage.  I was happy the crowd came to life, finally matching the performers energy level.  I just kept dancing with a huge smile on my face.   I remember not wanting it to end, ... and the relief that we were served an encore.  At the completion of "The End", the talent was whisked away in a Seven Springs van.  We saved "The Sign", and grabbed the T-shirt, and hit the Foggy Goggle bar to share in the good time.

  After about an hour, my husband and I headed out, and joked that we would go looking in the woods for Todd with a flashlight if we had to!  We didn't have to go any further than the obvious, the steps and lobby of the hotel tower where we were staying.  We happily hung out and chatted with a handful of fans, as one by one out came John Entwistle, Alan Parsons, and Mr. Townsend.  (All who were very nice to us.)   During this, one fellow fan took great pleasure taxing my central nervous system with false "there's Todd" sightings.  We were goofing around with this when Todd came out. acting the Goof, ... fake teeth in his mouth,  holding one of many bags in his teeth, trying to manage his many others while entering the bus.  My Husband gave him a hand with this.

  Todd was late, aware he was annoying the others waiting in the bus, but he shook hands as he reentered the lobby and went to the desk to settle up.   Here is where I felt my husband's supportive push though a door way, and across the lobby.  I stood a few feet away to allow Todd to conduct his business, and after he was told there were no charges,  I then approached him and said.  "So you liked my sign? ... Huh?"  We bantered about the hard work with masking tape, and his joking concern that we now wouldn't have a tarp for camping!  He signed his autograph, and turned for some photos with the others who had followed us in.  (An advance thank-you to the nice couple who will be mailing mine).  He was just exiting the lobby when, my brain said "If not now, ... When?"  So with properly titrated alcohol in my system, I asked if I could give him a little kiss.  He paused for a second, then goofed toward me with those silly teeth,  to which I said, "no, no, not like that", and I leaned toward him for the lightest kiss to his cheek. What a guy!   Rather kind of him, to indulge me in my adulation.  

  So that was my treasured evening with Todd Rundgren.  I hope you enjoined it at least half as much as I have.  My husband and I will enjoy this memory for years to come.   Thank you for this forum, and thanks again to Todd!

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6/30/2001 - Seven Springs Mountain Resort - Champion, PA

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