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"Welcome to the Cooter Family Reunion," said Todd Rundgren in his best hillbilly voice. True, it might have looked like that - a bunch of us sitting on the Foggy Goggle Mountain slope up in the hills of Pennsylvania.

But this was the Seven Springs Resort, a very nice place known for the skiing in the winter, but it rocks in the summer too!

"Magical Mystery Tour" was the opener with "Open My Eyes" second up. Todd was dressed in black shirt and pants, and was looking very trim. He sounded great - can you believe this song is 30 years old!! Todd had two more solo selections in the first set - "Hello Itís Me," and "Bang on the Drum." "Hello Itís Me" was a real treat - we donít get to hear O.H. sing a faithful version of it very often anymore. "Bang" was naturally a crowd fave.

During the John Entwhistle tunes, Todd did his best Pete Townshend impression. I think itís safe to say that The Who and The Beatles are a couple of Toddís biggest musical influences. Well, this show included both "My Generation" and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand!!"

It was strange to see Todd taking a back seat to the other performers during their selections - Iím so used to seeing TR in the spotlight. Sometimes he seemed to look bored, but at other times he was into it. I particularly liked the Alan Parsons tune "Games People Play," with Todd on vocal backups. David Pack (from Ambrosia) was the real surprise. He sang great and can play a mean guitar too!

The second set was all Beatles and lots of fun. Todd shined on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." He didnít play the classic guitar solo, but one of his own. And he played the psychedelic SG on this one! On "The Fool On The Hill," Todd spun around the stage with his tongue out, looking like a crazed Hare Krishna!

The closing song of the night was "Golden Slumbers/The End," which featured a guitar duel between Todd, David Pack, and that other bloke. It reminded me of the old Utopia days with Todd and Roger trading licks.

The over-30 crowd was really into the show. I saw Todd t-shirts, Heart t-shirts, Who t-shirts, and of course, Beatles ones. But I think Todd was the crowdís favorite.

This was a really good, fun show - better than I expected it would be! The band was really tight, and everyone sounded great. As Ann Wilson said near the end of the night, "this band kicks ass!"

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