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I won't spend too much time "reviewing" the show. Anyone who has seen it, knows how good it is. And for those of you who haven't, see it, no matter how far you have to drive to get there.

Todd was great. His voice sounded good, guitar playing was stellar and he didn't mess up any vocals. Well, he might have slipped a bit during "Revolution" or "Weeps" but I can't remember.

I have to agree with Mr. Steel in his referring to the security as "Nazi-like." I had one security guy grab me by the shoulders after the fence was knocked down and yelled, "If you continue to take pictures sir, I'm going to have to throw you out." I took a few more anyway after he left.

I couldn't believe that they actually took that stupid snow fence out when at least 50 people (including my wife and I) were standing on it! Oh well, I guess that's what happens with an event staff that doesn't do many concerts, huh?

At one point during the second set, when I was standing just a mere 5-6 feet from the stage (on the Todd and Alan side), I kept thinking to myself, "That's Alan Parsons, that's Todd (although I've seen him 25+ times in concert, it's still always a great thrill), that's Ann Wilson and maybe the most amazing, that's JOHN FREAKIN' ENTWISTLE!!! Chills ran down my spine just thinking of the greatness on that stage.

I also want to share my agreement with many fans in their kudos for David Pack. What a talent! Great voice, great guitar player, great keyboard player. I just found out that he has been part of the Alan Parsons Project in recent years. I think it's time for an Ambrosia comeback tour!

I read some of the "reviews of the reviews" that discussed some of the fans who had not so nice things to say about the other members of the group (other than Todd). Well, my friend who attend the concert with us is a huge Alan Parsons fan and she showed me a review of the tour that mentioned this site and all the negative comments about the other members of "Todd's band." In fact, the review I saw mentioned a small boy asking his mom, "Todd who?"

Let's remember guys and gals. Todd is a great talent. He's my favorite musician of all time. But I looked at that show as Todd holding his own along side some other great talent NOT that the other talent held their own next to Todd. Those of us who saw the show witnessed some music legends sharing the stage. Let's focus on that and not on Ann Wilson's weight! I thought that she still looked beautiful and she sounds phenomenal.

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