Clarkston, MI - June 29, 2001

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Did the famous "road trip" from South Bend, IN to just outside Detroit last night. The four hours going over was a breeze. The four hours coming home at 3:00a.m. made me realize I am an old fart.

The show started nearly on time and when the group came out the audience was rather sparce. TR commented that alot of people must have missed their connecting flights. Shortly after that there was a small technical problem and while stalling Ann Wilson asked Todd to tell a joke. He told some cornball joke he'd heard in Alabama. Just remember.........if you ever need a good, short joke you just can't beat  -  " when is it alright to slap a midget ? .....when he tells you your hair smells nice." see what I mean??

Todd was into his  -  I'm not gonna take my own songs too serious mode  -   and goofed around alot on Hello Its Me and Bang the Drum. Of course, how else could you play/ treat Bang the Drum. Open My Eyes was awesome and got the place rockin'.

A couple quick comments about the band. I had to look four times real close to make sure the kid on keyboards was not my daughter. Ann Wilson is excellent but I could never get comfortable with her. I always got the feeling she could turn on you like an ex-wife. David Pack from Ambrosia is absolutely incredible  -  I could see him over and over again. And finally, are we really sure Alan Parsons is alive??

The band and the audience got lucky last night. My friend that went with me - " ten beer Bailey" was not feeling well and that was probably a blessing for all of us as he didn't drink. He still got in about 25 " hey Todd" yells and a few "hey Leon's" ( for some reason he thought Leon Russell was part of the group).

By the time the second set started,  the place was packed and the Beatles set was obviously a time to forget about the world, work, money, problems and just escape in time and maybe have a flashback or two to one's youth. Standing there, singing, jumping, yelling I couldn't help but think how true the quote about it being too bad youth is wasted on the young.

Highlight of the night for me had to be "Birthday". It's a tradition whenever a family member or friend has a birthday we play that song for them ......even if we can't be with them and it has to be over the telephone. It's a sure thing, a given - something one can count on.

I love music. I especially love Todd's music. I loved this concert.  

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6/29/2001 - DTE Energy Music Theatre - Clarkston, MI

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