Mobile Alabama June 27

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The opening set was an introduction of the players. It featured music we all have heard countless times. We know the words.

The second set was an incredible tribute to music of the Beatles. What struck me was the pure strength of the music. The timeless beauty and simple elegance. It is very apparent the respect and influence the players share for these songs. I was expecting the music to be interpreted by the band. Instead, the songs were performed in a stream of retrospect, and it was easy to enjoy in a light-hearted way.

The show demonstrates the level of musicianship we take for granted with our 'heroes'. Each tune brings to mind mental images that in the end leave you with a pleasant, peaceful, feeling of hope and understanding. It also reminds one of the pointless direction and mindless road that 'television music' is corrupting futures.

Alan Parsons had a special idea when he dreamed this tour.

Anne Wilson has an incredible voice. Go and listen.

Todd is the music! His fingers tour the fretboard in magical ways!

And that drummer....... You have never heard better.......

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6/27/2001 - Saenger Theatre - Mobile, AL

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