June 27th

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I saw the show in Mobile.

It was enjoyable, Todd looked fit and well. I thought the first set which was other people's covers was rather long and heavy on non-Todd stuff. Todd did Open My Eyes, Hello Its Me and Bang The Drum.

On the second set there were the usual Beatles stuff, most of it really good. During 'Fool on the Hill' Todd started jumping and clowning around so much that the guy who was singing cracked up laughing and couldn't finish singing the song.

I thought I'd mention a couple of comments Todd made I thought were a little too much. First he tells the crowd 'hey didnít' you guys use to burn Beatles albums at one point?' (not too bad)........later on he says 'we are the Dung Beatles we are bigger than Jesus why don't you go buy our T-shirts and burn them'. Ann Wilson laughs and tells the crowd to pay him no mind. A couple of people stood up and left. The rest didn't seem to hear what he'd said but I wonder.

I could care less, I'm a non-theist and not easily offended. I just see no reason for that kind of comment for someone playing in a cover band, especially for someone covering Lennon's 'Revolution' who himself had been criticized by John Lennon in the past.

And I am big Todd fan mind you. And I am not from Mobile.

Thought you might want to know.

Take care


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