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My husband, Lee, and I drove about four hours to get to Mobile, a piece of cake, really, when I think of the distance we've traveled before to see TR. We arrived about 3:00 PM and discovered our hotel was right next door to Todd's. (Hard to disguise all of those buses.) Anyway, before we hit a seafood restaurant, Lee drove me to Todd's hotel to drop off a little "southern hospitality" package: a 2 quart jar of Dreamland Barbecue sauce with a bib, a jar of BAMA blackberry preserves, and a Birmingham Magazine. I felt like the chamber of commerce!

We walked to the Saenger only a block from our hotel in the Historic District, and went straight for the tour T-shirts. After buying one, we ran into a couple of Todd fans who had driven about 10 hours to Mobile from Savannah, Georgia. We shared TR stories and concert experiences. They were wearing Todd T-shirts, one was really special - an airbrush of Todd done by a family member. Hope they enjoyed the show as much as we did.

At 7:20 PM we decided to search for our seats - WOW! Third row center! Could not have been much better! The Saenger is a vintage theater that has been (or is in process of being) restored. It was bright red and white with gold trim, a bit different from other theaters I've seen. The one in Kalamazoo was great with the little starry-sky look to the ceiling - but I digress.

I could sum up the show by saying TOTAL ENJOYMENT! So, you do not have to read any further. If you have nothing better to do, then read on! Once the opening bars of Magical Mystery Tour began, I knew that "time would stand still" for the next couple of hours.

I cannot give you the song list or order. Though I was truly there to see Todd, I knew this show was a Beatles Tribute, and I came with certain expectations. Those were met and exceeded on every count. The crowd was there to enjoy. The musicians were there to enjoy - it was pure bliss. Standing ovations after nearly every song; I think Todd could have sneezed, and gotten a standing ovation. From those who might not have known who Todd was, TR quickly became the recipient of audible kudos.

To speak briefly of those other folks who happened to be on the same stage with Todd.... Ann Wilson's voice was awesome! She commanded the stage and worked the audience. I had new appreciation for her, as this was the first time I had heard her live.

David Pack did an outstanding job on vocals and as a front man (person, I mean). John Entwhistle was consistent, Alan Parsons was unobtrusive, did a great job on Blackbird, and probably deserved many more accolades for putting this show together. Two unsung notables on stage were Godfrey Townsend on guitar; he did some great stuff. And, the DRUMMER, what was his name? He was outstanding!

Back to Todd, what can I say - Todd rules! Todd played the first set in basic black attire with black (I believed some other reviewer called them "prison") shoes. For the second set he wore the tour shirt and multicolored knee-pants with bare feet. Of course, he did Hello It's Me. I wanted him to say "Hello, All Ya'll It's Me" for fun. But I guess it would be pretty difficult to get those extra words(?) to flow with the music.

And, true to form, Todd did not take himself too seriously - he was having fun! He provided a "fool on the stage" for Fool on the Hill. And contributed to the verbal banter tossed to the audience. All in good fun!

I had the little binoculars I received from the Audubon Society, so I could watch, as well as listen, to the many wonderful guitar rides. I loved hearing Todd do My Guitar Gently Weeps and Lady Madonna. He did it so effortlessly - still A Wizard, A True Star!

By the end of the last set, people were at the foot of the stage, and security did not care. Everyone was energized. Several times I looked to my left to see Lee (my hubby) in a world that I knew consisted only of him and those musicians, and nobody else.

We got an encore and after hearing "The End" I knew time was about to start ticking again. What an experience! We didn't wait to see if Todd came out to mingle with the fans, but we strolled back to our hotel with the lingering delight experienced inside the theater.

I have to agree with Todd, "It was a sultry night..." And, if your from the South, you know, it's not the heat; it's the humidity. At the Saenger's Walk Down Abbey Road performance, Mobile supplied the humidity; Todd supplied the heat.

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6/27/2001 - Saenger Theatre - Mobile, AL

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