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INCREDIBLE!!! What a treat it was after reading the revues of the previous shows, seeing the pictures, and waiting, and waiting for the day to arrive.

The crowd was near capacity and mostly Todd fans. I got to see some old Todd Fan Friends who I had waited with in the driving rain more than once for tickets to previous shows here. It's been a while since Todd paid us a visit. My wife Margie had made a lei for Todd the night before. Someone else had also made one, and they laid it on the stage prior to the start. After Magical Mystery Tour and Open My Eyes, Todd reached down and put on the one from the stage about the same time Margie went up to the stage to give him hers. The cops were acting more than a little nervous from the already highly charged crowd (I don't think they get many rock shows at this venue,, mostly comics and more sedate acts), and when one moved towards her and gave her a mean look, she got nervous and just threw it towards Todd. He looked up just in time to catch it before it hit him in the face, and he turned and gave it to Ann Wilson, who put it on and wore it for several songs. (Not quite what we had planned, but at least Todd and Ann both got leid !) We were on the fifth row, and I got some really good pics which I will forward tomorrow. The show was amazing,,, just like all the others have said.. Todd was God,, as usual,, Pack was just perfect in every aspect,, his vocals were excellent,,, Ann's voice was amazing,, but I must say the "little ship of dreams" from Dreamboat Annie has definitely become a full blown freighter! All of the band played great, especially Steve Luongo (what a drummer). Godfrey Townshend was excellent, and gave great care to duplicate even the original sounds on all his guitar parts.

The flute - recorder duet between Ann and Parsons on Fool was beautiful.

The arena has an extremely small and rotating stage, and it seem to constrict and bother all of them a bit. But it was neat to get looks that you don't normally have at a show. The set list went pretty much like all the others,, except the added "I Want To Hold Your Hand", and saved "Birthday" for the encore, along with Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, and The End. After the show, we waited by the dressing room door and we and many others were greatly rewarded... Margie got her white "Walk Down Abbey Road" shirt autographed by David Pack, Alan Parsons, Steve Luongo and Todd Himself.

Todd patiently stayed for quite a while signing and signing, and signing... Entwistle didn't come out a far as I know, and Ann definitely did not show. When we were leaving through the parking garage, there was a line of folks waiting at the exit door to the dressing rooms, and out came Ann with a police escort, headed for the bus. Several fans yelled for her to PLEASE stop for a second, but she just turned and SCOWLED! (maybe someone had told her that McDonalds closed at 11:00) I guess to be kind she was having a bad night, although you couldn't tell from her performance, although she did seem (as others have hinted) that she was a bit ticked at all screaming attention that Todd got during the show. Yeah, she sold a lot of albums a while back, but Todd is Todd,,, come on! Anyway,, if there are any fans out there that can make it to any of the remaining shows,,,, CALL YOUR TICKET DEALERS NOW! You won't regret it and you'll probably never see the likes of this show again! Faithful, Rick and Margie Andrews.

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6/26/2001 - Houston Arena Theatre - Houston, TX

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