With a Little Help From His Friends - TR in Houston

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here you go all you fukin skeptical todd-heads.

saw the houston concert Tues night and it played like a TR concert w a great band. 

both my daughter and i agreed. part 1 gets a B+. part 2 gets a A+.

who the fuk were those other people on stage w todd anyway? it didn't matter.

TR dominated the show ENTIRELY!!!!

Ticket to Ride?? I Want to Hold Your Hand??? sounded like TR w back up singers. 

Revolution? Rain? Golden Slumbers w a guitar duel?? 

how did TR look? slim, trim, and ready - and 10 yrs younger than the last show we saw (w a twist).

how did he sound? ha!

so if you are hesitant to see TR in this "classic rock" show - think again. 


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