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My wife and I drove the 150 miles or so from Carlsbad, New Mexico. We took our two teenage sons with us. This was a HUGE thrill to be able to see a show located so close to us, we who live out here hundreds and hundreds of miles from any real city. The venue could not have been a more beautiful selection. A grassy clearing amongst green tree-covered mountains, with the freshest tepid air you have ever breathed surrounding us. A very slight drizzle at the beginning of the show caused a bit of concern, but that quickly dispersed, turning into a gorgeous comfortable evening.

The show was a little late getting started, but we still had the fortunate opportunity to be one of the few who said "Hi" to Todd as he arrived onto the set right before the show. We hoped, and it seemed true, that he remembered us from a previous meeting at a show in California where we talked to him at his hotel, and I got to meet him alone and give him a small gift that he placed on his set for the next evening's performance. Todd signed only one autograph on his way in - my son's! That made his day. It encouraged him to try and get all the major artist's autographs, and eventually he did.

The show was great - the people were great - the food was great (they set up a barbeque and sold hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc.). Beer, wine, and shots were available for those 21 and older. For the most part, everybody was well behaved. I saw only one minor scuffle. The show was very intimate. It seemed as though we all knew each other after a little while. The other reviews in this section detail the music sets much better than I ever could, so I will not even try to do it. One day, I'll write all the songs down at a concert, but I'm always having too much fun to be that serious about an event such as this.

But I have to mention at least a few things. I couldn't take my eyes off of John - he was so amazing. The flutes by Alan and Ann on "Fool on the Hill" were a real treat - as was Alan's "Blackbird." Todd was great - as always! Ann really impressed me, and David handled the singing excellently. You could tell the band clicked well together and had a lot of fun with the show. After the performance, we hung around and got to talk to, and got autographs from, Ann, Alan, John, and David. Todd never came back out, so we were lucky we caught him coming in. I just had to put my two cents in here, and provide some personal experiences regarding the show. If you didn't see it, you missed a special evening. I'll never forget it.

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6/24/2001 - Inn of the Mountain Gods - Ruidoso, NM

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