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Man o man!  What a venue! On an Apache Indian reservation, highs in the 80's, open air show..400 folks in attendance (maybe!)The advance set list is fairly acurate; except no boris the spider (thanks for that). To hear Todd rip through a rare nazz gem like open my eyes was worth the whole trip.  My friend Troy Carter and I traveled from Austin tx to see this show...I'm still laughin about the deal!  Ann wilson sounds just beautiful...and to tell the truth...she raised goose bumps a few times.Also a great addition to the first set was " my generation".

On to the second set, back in the u.s.s.r./lady madonna/ i'm down/ fool on the hill/ while my guitar gently weeps/(tr playing the old clapton hand painted guitar from the cream years...and COOKIN on the thing!)/ here comes the sun/ lucy in the sky with diamonds(ann with some cool glasses {green with peace signs}/and on an acoustic solo for...Hey! you've got to hide your love away!!!! another damn fine moment if I may say so!/ maybe I'm amazed/rain/blackbird( Alan parsons acuostic solo)/ me and my monkey/revolution/ day tripper/ ticket to ride/i wanna hold your hand/ hey jude( tr is cookin again)/// encore// birthday/ carry that weight!!!

All in all...this was the best venue I have ever been to...the band has some rather able members I am unfamiliar with...but if you havent planned on seeing this rundgren outing...prepare to kick yourself for a long time.....He plays houston this tuesday and it would have made more "sense" to see that show...but my senses we're pleasently surprised in mescalero N.M.    I managed to catch Todd going  in the elevator and give him an "Austin City Limits" t-shirt and get a cd signed...topping off a trip that will be remember for years to my eyes indeed!!!!

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6/24/2001 - Inn of the Mountain Gods - Ruidoso, NM

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