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The first part of the show (where they played their own material) was far better than the second half (where they played the Beatles stuff). I love the Beatles, but with artists this talented, why are they playing covers? For money, yeah. I guess I was one of the few who felt that way, because the crowd was standing up for all of the Beatles songs. The Beatles tunes were very well done, but just didn't measure up to the original stuff. Todd covered "Rain," While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," among others. Todd aced the guitar solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Wow, Ann Wilson can really sing. Entwistle's songs rocked and sounded fantastic. The Parson' stuff was great. Of course, Todd stole the show. He played "Open My Eyes," "Hello It's Me," and "Bang The Drum All Day." His playing and attitude created not only great music, but a great atmosphere. Todd looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself. My buddies even admitted that Todd was awesome and they're not big Todd fans. I enjoyed meeting Michael Harkins, a fellow BeyondAwizard subscriber. Todd signed the front insert of my "Demos" CD for me on the way off the stage. After the show, Wilson waved to the little gathering and got on her bus. Then Todd came over with some sort of deli sandwich and said he wouldn't put down the sandwich (probably a good idea with Ann Wilson in the vicinity) but he would sign with the hand available. Very cool. Todd signed the actual "Demos" disc (I only had one CD with me and I got greedy). I asked him if he'd ever visited my web site (TR BAZAAR.COM) and he said it sounded familiar (I think he was just being nice), and he'd remember to check it out and pointed to his head (signifying that he'd remember). I was a little concerned that he'd be pissed that I have the RealAudio shows available to people, because I'm not certain of how he feels about that kind of thing. Apparently I'm a smaller fish in the Todd world than I'd thought, since he wasn't very aware of my web presence. Todd was extremely nice to the waiting fans. He was in such a great mood! I also was fortunate to meet Brad Zerkel outside the show. Brad has been a frequent visitor to my web site and it's nice to connect faces to those email addresses. I smuggled in my camera but only got a couple of pictures (22 of the 24 shots were wasted on Disneyland and I had forgotten to bring another roll of film). Tickets were $75, which was a little steep. But I'm very glad I went.

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6/23/2001 - Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

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