Abbey Road, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, 6/23/01

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I had just taken my seat at the Celebrity Theatre, when the lights went down and the show started. The Celebrity Theatre has a round stage in the middle of theater that rotates during the show. The stage was stopped right in front of the section I was in, so I got a good look at everyone at the beginning. As the stage rotated around I was treated to the sight of Todd's butt swaying to the music! It's definitely a different way to see a show when half the time you're looking at backs and butts! (and roadies hiding behind speakers?!?!)

Before Ann Wilson started her first solo, Crazy On You, she said she felt like the figurine on top of a wedding cake. After her song the crowd was on their feet with the first of many standing ovations. She was awesome on Barracuda and it was one of the favorites of the night. When Todd sang, Hello It's Me, the stage stopped rotating and Todd took a mike and went all the way around while singing. As he would stop in front of each section the audience was on their feet showing their delight. David Pack from Amrosia was an unexpected addition to the show. The crowd roared their approval for his solo songs. He was like a cheerleader through out the night, jumping and encouraging the crowd to clap. He was good about turning around and acknowledging the audience in back of the stage during and after each song. 

Alan Parson's songs always brought a cheer of recognition from the audience and he looked like he was enjoying himself. (He is really tall!) As he started, Bang The Drum All Day, Todd smirked and said, "When people ask me which song is my favorite, this one doesn't come to mind." The first set ended with, My Generation. John Entwistle's long and fast fingers were amazing to watch on the bass. Once again the crowd was on their feet!

The second set of Beatles tunes was a surreal experience for me. Hearing this superb group of musicians play and sing songs that as Ann said are part of our DNA was mindblowing! I was definitely on a Magical Mystery Tour. I enjoyed each and every song and was on my feet for most of the show. I noticed Todd eating marshmallow pies during Lucy In The Sky. After Fool On The Hill he made the same analogy that I had- The world spinning round, the stage spinning round! I wish they had played another show here in Phoenix because I would love to experience it again!  

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6/23/2001 - Celebrity Theatre - Phoenix, AZ

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