Todd's Birthday Bash - Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay

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My friend Marsha and I left from Los Angeles to San Diego at about noon on Friday. We jumped into her van with her two dogs (Baby & Chester, who incidentally have seen Todd 4 times) and drove the 2 1/2 hours to Humphrey's. I managed to get the "milk" tee-shirt made for Todd, but it sure wasn't easy. Only on the 3rd attempt and $70 later, did I get the shirt made properly. Humphrey's is a beautiful venue located right on the water in San Diego. The place is very small and upon our arrival, we hung out with all the Onionheads. I think that 85% of the crowd was there to only see Todd! After all it was his birthday! The sound check was happening when we arrived, but unfortunately we had just missed Todd. Our seats were in the 4th row in front of Todd and a lovely dinner was part of the $150 price tag we paid to a local ticket broker. I was determined to hand the gift directly to Todd, so I waited until he put down his guitar to sing "Hello It's Me" during the beginning of the lst set. I failed to mentioned in my last review that I have a cast on my broken left foot and the doctor advised me to say on crutches for 6 weeks. Needless to say, I don't use the crutches and I danced more at the show than the other fans with 2 good feet! There was quite a bit of security and I just limped up to the stage which was only a few feet from my seat. The guard tried to stop me by grabbing my arm and all I could do was throw the wrapped gift onstage like a frisbee. I quickly went back to my seat and I noticed that the guard was visibly upset with me. I had placed a yellow sticky note on the top of the gift that read "Open Me" and Todd remarked that he hoped it wasn't a letter bomb. He slipped the shirt out of the package, glanced at it, showed it to Ms. Wilson and quickly put it down on the stage. He remarked that he couldn't wear it now, but he would! There were quite a bit of children and little old ladies at the hotel/show who probably wouldn't have appreciated the humor of the shirt. Several references were made throughout the evening to Todd's birthday. He seemed to be in a great mood, laughing, smiling and drinking a beer onstage. Towards the end of the show, right before the birthday song, Todd's wife Michele and a young girl jumped on stage. They wrapped Todd up in rolls and rolls of colored crepe paper. He also was wearing several leis and there were alot of balloons shaped like sea creatures on stage.

This performance was much better than the one in Anaheim at the Sun Theatre. I suspect that it will only improve with every performance. If you haven't caught this band yet, hurry out and get yourself a ticket! After the show, I heard that they were throwing a birthday party for Todd, but I guess my invitation got lost in the mail!

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6/22/2001 - Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay - San Diego, CA

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