A Walk Down Abbey Road

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Saturday, June 16th The Sun Theatre, Anaheim California

I waited for months for these tickets to go on sale through the TicketDeal.com site. Local venues in southern California sell tickets to their shows the last week before a gig at very low discounted prices if the show isnít sold out. They figure they can make up for in alcohol sales. Not on me though, I donít drink. Sure enough a week prior to this Anaheim gig, tickets were being sold for $25.00. I jumped on them and landed 3rd tier, almost center seats. They were excellent.

The opening of Magical Mystery Tour sounded muddy but as the night went on, the sound improved. Open My Eyes was a nice Rundgren surprise and people around me didnít have a clue whose tune it was. I have a soft spot for Alan Parsons tunes due to the era and the time in my life when these songs were blasted the radio. But I must say that Ann Wilson blew me away. Crazy On You and Barracuda were stellar as her voice was in top form. Another fine time in my life when these two songs were at height on the radio waves, the memories flowing back into my mind were sweet while her voice pumped through my veins. David Pack was a nice filler vocally for tunes that maybe the rest of the musicians couldnít pull off. But again Ann Wilsonís version of Iím Down, Me and My Monkey (especially), and Maybe Iím Amazed was very impressive. Ann Wilson really stands out here for me and not what I had expected.

Alan Parsonsí ĎBlackbirdí version was very acceptable due to his shyness and lack of interest to sing in general - this is my favorite Beatles tune and it was an awesome treat to here Alan sing it and play it. I got up and slow danced for this one.

Excellent show, but not worth the full-fledged ticket price that I so happily did not have to pay.

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6/16/2001 - The Sun Theatre - Anaheim, CA

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