Todd Rundgren/UTOPIA (and Related) Audio Rarities On CD-R--- v3.2021


Largest Collection On The Globe of Todd Rundgren Audio Rarities

Greetings Audio Toddheads! Warren H. (Atlanta, GA. USA) here. Tony Rogers and I have transferred our entire audio collections over to my home in 2008. We (Tony & I) thought my circumstances (A 62 year old, single, IT specialist/Audio Editor guy in Atlanta with lots of Todd Rundgren history/archival collecting since 1972) would be ideal for taking over the 'Library' in all its glory. And, so an 'incorporation' of his and my colossal collections takes place! I now curate this ‘museum’. And I plan to share much of this, just as Tony did all these decades. And yes, I’m somewhat of a Todd Rundgren Historian. I have been 'following' Todd extensively (in all forms of media) ever since I saw (and met) him here at an Historic Show at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre on November 8 1973. So I know 'enough'. Please note that I say share my enthusiasm. No buying or selling. Nor will a penny exchange hands. Never.
I want to say a big THANK YOU in advance to all of you who are going to help and have helped with this so far. I’ll do my best. Write me anytime.
Just scroll down to the items listed below by period and click on any year to browse the collection.
We've also recently been working in collaboration with my friend Frank Bubnick and his well known vast quality collection (you can visit his list by clicking on his name). Some of his editing is unequaled anywhere.
And some late breaking neat news : I believe most of you are familiar with the JEMS group. A bunch of super collectors for many bands’ audience recordings (predominate though are Yes and Springsteen). Well known for their re-mastering prowess and quality. They’ve been in contact with me for a couple of years, and in December of last year offered me all their (originals) Todd Rundgren Collection. They just didn’t have the resources or the time for refining anything by Todd Rundgren. It just wasn’t on their timeline. I received all their cassettes (60) within a few weeks! Most of them are MASTER tapes from the original Taper. They will be sending me all their DATs and Reels at a later date. I will be listing all these recordings here, as I digitally transfer them. With this addition of the JEMS collection I believe these Todd Rundgren Archives are easily the largest collection on the planet.
How do we share you ask? Well, Just for what it's worth, we really don't do the 'snail mail trading' (by postal) much these days. So, if you would like me to share or trade any of this 'Catalog' with you, it would be more convenient/easiest to share in the form of on-line file transfer. Generally, in .flac format, compressed to .zip or .rar for smoother/faster quality exchange [depending upon the size of the audio file(s) we might be exchanging of course]. Hope that all makes sense. I can work with you on 'all that'. Again, write me, and then we'll come to an agreement of sorts. Please keep in mind, that anything that is 'Official', or 'Professionally Marketed', or still available for 'Retail' purchase is not of consideration. Nor is there any monetary means of transaction.
I do not have any rights to, and I am not open for sharing any material that may be listed below that has been commercially or officially released and is still available retail. (It may be listed below for collection listing purpose only). I do not take or give any money for a single item below either. I do not take away any proceeds that are due to Todd Rundgren, family, friends, business or supporting/associated musicians. If it is ROIO (recording of independent origin), then I'm open to share. Support the artist! Go buy his stuff where and whenever available! Speaking of which; an ultimate place to find/buy Todd's releases and imports & rarities is TRBAZAAR. Check it out! If Scott ain't got it, nobody does...just about! And of course many past official CD/DVD releases and proprietary Todd merchandise is readily available for ordering on-line at The Toddstore. So check them out for sure.
I like to give credit where credit is due too. So please forgive me if I do not credit the right persons involved in making these recordings available/possible for all these years.
I’ll start a ‘Credits’ list here below, and maintain it on down the road. Like to make sure all the folks involved are appreciated. For now, let me go ahead and thank some folks that have really been instrumental in these archives (no particular order): Tony Rogers (of course), Mike Armes, Jeff Gauss 'Weavil' (RIP), Frank Bubnick, Paul Russo, Hiroshi Kawauchi, Istvan Berzenczei, Sara Kritzer, Barry Beiseigel, Marc Linowitz, Rob 'Lockjaw' Levangie, Roger Steel, Mike Adrian, Gil Ireland-Ashley, Jim Farrell, Dale Michelsohn, Gary Urwin, Don B., Bob Stanislowski (RIP), Micheal B., Jon Risen, Jon Babcock, Mark Wilpolt, Tom Cannon, Lin Sprague, Joe Franks, Chris 'Razz', Geoff (& Rick) Laurenzo, Ted Moon, Richard Roys, Storm Hunter, Moz (Mike), Sohta Fujito, David Skye, Allen Law, Matt Walsh, Kevin Lewis, Doug Ford, Dave Knife, JEMS, Jared Houser, Gene Poole, 'Elegymart', Gail Artsgard, Victor Baissait, Connor Payne and players to be named later. Special thanks to Roger Linder for providing this page space for us for decades. Let's Rock!
BTW, I call this group of people 'My Cartel'. However, I have given the group a Media name: F451 Media (as in 451 Farenheit). It is not a brand name, for nothing of mine is for sale or has been sold EVER. It is a logo for these dedicated Todd Rundgren Collectors , which most of been doing this since the early 90s (and even earler). Our logo is:

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