Longtime TR fans have developed a set of shortcut acronyms for use when discussing TR and his work. For the new fans, and maybe some of the old, here's a handy guide:

The Unofficial TR Acronym, Abbreviation and Insider's Reference Guide (TUTRAAIRG)

#1LCDNumber One Lowest Common Denominator (Song from Todd)
AdventuresAdventures In Utopia (Utopia Album)
AWATSA Wizard, A True Star (TR Solo Album)
awizThe awizard mailing list
awizardA Todd Rundgren discussion list that was active from 1992 until 2000.
B&WBlack & White (Fan Newsletter)
BalladThe Ballad of Todd Rundgren (TR Solo Album)
BangBand The Drum All Day (Song from TEPTAE)
BOOHBat Out Of Hell (TR-Produced Meat Loaf megaseller)
bwizThe BeyondAwizard mailing list (a follow on to awizard)
CIJTYCouldn't I Just Tell You (Song from S/A?)
CWSBFCan We Still Be Friends? (Song from Hermit)
DefaceDeface The Music (Utopia Album)
DreamA Dream Goes On Forever (Song from Todd)
HermitHermit of Mink Hollow (TR Solo Album)
HIMHello It's Me (Song from S/A?)
IHMFISPI Hate My Frickin' ISP (Song on One Long Year)
INNWIf Not Now, When? (Single from "The Individualist")
InterocitorTodd's new version of the TRTV tuner which debuted in early 1999 (the name comes from an alien communications device in the 50's sci-fi flick "This Island Earth")
ISTLI Saw The Light (Song on S/A?)
IWHMADIt Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (Song on S/A?)
JOVJust One Victory (Song on AWATS)
LOTCMLove Of The Common Man (Song from Faithful)
NHNearly Human (TR Solo Album)
NWONo World Order (TR Solo Album)
OHOur Hero (that would be Todd)
OLYOne Long Year (TR Solo Album)
OopsOops! Wrong Planet (Utopia Album)
S/A?Something/Anything? (TR Solo Album)
SIDKWTFSometimes I Don't Know What To Feel (Song from AWATS)
SW/AW?Somewhere/Anywhere? (Japanese rarities CD)
SwingSwing To The Right (Utopia Album)
TEPTAEThe Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (TR Solo Album)
The "I"The Individualist (TR-i Solo Album)
TIAn alternate form of The "I"
TRTodd Rundgren
TR-iTodd Rundgren - Interactive
TRCThe Todd Rundgren Connection website run by Roger Linder.
TRTVTodd's "Tuner" in the initial offering of PatroNet
UTUtopia Times (Fan Newsletter)
WaTWith a Twist... (TR Solo Album)
WDTTGWhere Does The Time Go (Song on SW/AW?)
WGGYAWWe Gotta Get You A Woman (Song on Runt)
For further description of some of these terms, see tr-ssk or todd-rundgren-song-speak.

What about all these versions of "The Individualist?"

For those of you confused by the various formats in which The Individualist has been released, here's my short summary.
A traditional CD on Pony Canyon records, non-interactive, but includes lyrics and a photo insert. It was released there first in this format presumably because that's where TR was contractually obligated to do so. There is no US CD only version.
CD-e (Enhanced CD)
CD-e includes all 10 audio tracks, which can be played on a conventional CD players, as well as non-audio data that can be executed on Macintosh and MS Windows platforms. It includes graphics to accompany the songs, interactive access to the lyrics, and some video for a live version of "Facist Christ."

The cassette version was released because there was no US CD product to sell, so all songs were released in a linear, non-interactive version. No lyrics or themed sleeve included.

CD-I (No World Order, but not the Individualist)
CD-I is the format used by Philips for their interactive CD player. The NWO version allowed one to choose mood, speed, and other paramenters to select the mix of the audio experience.

There's also the CD-ROM versions for Mac and PC that is different from the CD-i version. The NWO release on CD-ROM is basically the same as the CD-I release. The CD-I and CD-ROM versions are not playable on a conventional CD player.

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