I slow this one down a tad and play it like a ballad on my classical guitar. I love the chord changes. Give each note of every chord its due; these chords are very richly textured. Some of the chords are not in the usual standard position. So learn some new ones! :-) Questions, corrections, etc. send to starboy54@aol.com.
Cmaj7	Em	Am	Fmaj7
Izzat love, what I feel when you're in my arms? Make me 

Dm7(1)	Dm7(2)	Cmaj7	Bm7(b5)
die before	I	do you harm. When you're lost

E7(1)	Am	Am7	D7
I will lead you home; if you're cold you know I'll keep you 

Dm7 (2)
warm.	Am I wrong or

Dm7 (3) Dm7(b7) Cmaj7	Em	Am	Fmaj7
Iz	zat	love, when I dream there is no one else?

Dm7 (1)	Dm7 (2)	Cmaj7	Bm7(b5)
In the end whose your friend just my self. Izzat love 

E7(1)	Am	Am7	D7	Dm7 (2)
to forget my pride, to conceal how it feels deep inside. Am I 

Dm7 (3) Dm7(b7) Cmaj7 Em7 (1)	Fmaj7
wrong or Iz	zat	l o	v e	izzat love

Dm7 (1) Dm7 (2) Cmaj7 Em7 (1)	Fmaj7
izzat love izzat love?	L o	v e	izzat love

Dm7 (1) Em7(2)	Dmaj7	F#m
izzat love izzat love	Izzat love to forgive all

Bm	Gmaj7 (1)	Em7 (3)	Em7
those things you've done?	If you	go	still you know

Dmaj7	Bm	F#7	Bm Bm7
I'm the one. Only love, love a lone can survive;	deep

E7sus4	E7(2)	Em7 (3)
in side	I be lieve it's a live.	Am I wrong, am I wrong,

Em7 (4)	Dmaj7 F#m	Gmaj7 (2)
am I wrong, or iz	zat	l o	v e, izzat love,	izzat

A11 Dmaj7 F#m	Gmaj7 (2)
love izzat love? L o	v e izzat	love,	izzat love,

A11	Fade then end with Arpeggiated Dmaj7
izzat love?

Chords used:
Cmaj7 X35450
Em	XX5453 from Cmaj7 just move index finger
Am	X02210
Fmaj7 133210
Dm7 (1) XX0211
Dm7 (2) XX3535 semi barre 3rd fret
Bm7(b5) X20232
E7 (1)	020100
Am7	X02213
D7	XX4535 from Am7 just slide all fingers up
Dm7 (3) XX7768
Dm7(b7) XX7767 from Dm7 (3) just move pinkie down Em7 (1) 022030 remove index and slide down from Cmaj7 Em7 (2) XX0433 just slide up from Dm7 (1) Dmaj7	XX0333
F#m	XX3333
Bm	XX4432
Gmaj7(1) 3X443X from Bm just move index finger Em7 (3) XX2433 semi barre 2nd fret
Em7 (4) XX5757 semi barre 5th fret
F#7	XX4320
Bm7	XX4435 when moving to E7sus4 keep pinkie anchored
E7sus4 XX2435
E7 (2)	XX2434 from E7sus4 just move pinkie down
Gmaj7 (2) 320003
A11	3X243X (middle, index, pinkie, ring)
Arpeggiated Dmaj7: D,A,C#,(F#-G-F#),C#A,Dmaj7 
(F#-G-F# is a hammer on then pull off)