[Awizard] Rundgren Radio to host fan-based gig. 4th in a series. Collect them all!

Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Tue Jan 27 12:37:47 EST 2009

Rundgren Radio will be hosting their 4th fan-based gig and it will be the
Kasim Sulton DVD Release Party in Tampa, Florida on February 28th!  It's a
chance for some of you to escape the cold winter while also spending some
time with fellow Kasim/Utopia/Todd/ fans in sunny Florida!

The date, February 28th, is the one year anniversary weekend of the DVD
filming.  The DVD Release Party will feature a waterfront dinner party with
Kasim followed by an intimate solo performance.   All of the details can be
found at www.KasimTampa.info <http://www.kasimtampa.info/>.

A great group rate has been negotiated at an adjacent waterfront hotel that
has a FREE airport shuttle available for anyone flying in.  The
complimentary hotel shuttle also goes to and from the venue for those that
don't want to take the short walk.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to
rundgrenradio at earthlink.net.  There will be some discussion of this event
tonight on their show that begins at 8:30pm ET at

If you'd like a copy of the Kasim DVD, please visit

Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22
Antelope, CA
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