[Awizard] Todd in Philly for New Years Eve!

Roger D. Linder roger at rocemabra.com
Wed Oct 29 17:35:23 EDT 2008

*Per RundgrenRadio.com:
*RundgrenRadio.com presents Todd in Philly for New Years Eve!*


It's official, this gig is going to happen!  We believe it's the first Todd
NYE gig since 1996 in Chicago?

We are calling this "semi-private" meaning we'd like to sell out by just
hitting up the hardcore Todd sites/fans, etc. and not having to go public in
Philly with ads or something.  Not because it might cost money to promote,
but we'd prefer to have a group that knows what they are getting into for
the most part as in no requests for "Hello It's Me" :-).

There are less than 300 spots available so this will be a more intimate gig
than most.

If you missed the "semi-private" Rundgren Radio B'Day Bash in Vegas, check
out the pictures at:
www.photobucket.com/trvegas  (WARNING:  They will make you want to go to the
Philly gig so don't look if there's no way you can make it!)

End 2008 the right way!  http://www.ToddNYE.info/
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