[Awizard] Do you know your TR TR-ivia? Your help needed

SEAHAAS at aol.com SEAHAAS at aol.com
Sun May 25 19:20:33 EDT 2008

A special request to all Todd-a-holics and Utopians!  

Want to  help make Todd's Birthday Bash even more fun? Whether you will be 
attending or  not, we need your help with TR and Utopia trivia questions and 
answers to  be used for Michele Rundgren's TR-i-via  game show that conceivably 
will  take place sometime during the week long celebration of Todd's 60th 
Birthday  June 16 - 22. Send them to _eeeeej at todd-rundgren.com_ 
(mailto:eeeeej at todd-rundgren.com) . 
Please spread the word to anyone else who might want to contribute a  
TR-i-via question or two. Thanks to all of you for your help. We're looking  forward 
to hearing from the best TR-i-vians across the world wide web!
PS: Please don't reply directly to this email or posted  message.. Send your 
TR-i-via questions and answers to:  _eeeeej at todd-rundgren.com_ 
(mailto:eeeeej at todd-rundgren.com)  and  please remember to include the dash in the address. 
Best to all and thanks for your help, 

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