[Awizard] Tonight on Rundgren Radio

Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Thu Jun 26 12:44:33 EDT 2008

Today's the first day of the "Arena" tour and to celebrate, the Sales
Brothers (Hunt and Tony) are appearing together on Rundgren Radio
http://rundgrenradio.com <http://rungrenradio.com> at 10 PM EDT. Hunt and
Tony were the musicians on Todd's "Runt" album and original members of
Utopia Mark I.

You can call in to speak to them live, (646) 716-9262, or just listen and
take part in the online chat. The show will also be available in the
Archives shortly after it ends and will be posted on the TR Connection
ToddCast tomorrow.

For those of you who did not get a chance to hear the TR Interview show live
from Toddstock, you can check it out in the Archives at

The show has also been added to the TR Connection ToddCast at

The Arena tour schedule is at http://TRConnection.com/tour/t2008#Summer and
the CD tracks will be available "Julyish"
Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22
Antelope, CA
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