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Roger D. Linder roger at RoCeMaBra.com
Wed Sep 26 11:57:57 EDT 2007

Now that Todd's touring is over, it's time to focus on a couple of other
things going on in the TR Fan community.

Rundgren Radio

If you're not already tuning into the online Rundgren Radio program hosted
by Doug, why not? If you can't listen live, you can still listen on the
site, or subscribe to a podcast to get each show. Recent guests have been
Bill Bricker, Michele Rundgren, Alex Roeser, Sandi Sinnamon and Mike


Doug has a word about last evening's show with Mike Keneally:

The show from last night will be in the archives any minute now.  We had to
edit it due to some unexpected Skype dropoffs :-0.  The edited version
worked out really nice though and Mike was a great guest.  We hope you'll
check it out if you missed the live version last night, which happened to be
the most live listened show we've had so far!

This Thursday at 7pm Central will be the first FAN NIGHT show that is going
to be all about fans calling in and telling their TR stories!  No
matter when or how you discovered Todd, we want to hear YOUR story!  New
fans, old fans, every TR fan is welcome to call in!  There is going to be a
contest too for a free Todd t-shirt compliments of trbazaar.com.  EJ has
been asked to be the judge (no confirmation yet of acceptance) and
the caller with the best call wins!

Several fans guessed the song right for the contest last night and they are
all in the hunt for the tie-breaker!  Mike's current fav Todd song is "Fair
Warning".  The winner will be announced on the show Thursday night.

Thanks for listening!

www.RundgrenRadio.com <http://www.rundgrenradio.com/>

I am honored to be the guest for a special show next Monday, October 1
kicking off a Rocktober Fan week series of shows. Listen in beginning at 8
PM Central.

Todd 40th Anniversary TRibute ad in Rolling Stone

The deadline for this project (October 5) is rapidly approaching, so if you
have not yet participated (or would like to add to your contribution) then
visit http://www.toddata.com for the full scoop, or mail your PayPal
donation  to todd40 at todddata.com.

Beginning today, and continuing through October 5, DD at Deaconlight.com is
going to do a Todd-a-Thon playing mostly Todd, bootlegs, Todd-related music
and having people call in.

DD writes:

Deaconlight – the radio show – is always wide open and unstructured so I
can't give you an exact plan for how to participate live. All I can say is
that Bill Bricker will be on at 12:15 ET and will talk for a bit. So I'm
hoping anyone interested in calling in live will do so between 1-3pm Eastern

Here are the specs:

Showtime:         Noon-3 ET, 9:00am-Noon PT, 1700-2000 GMT

Radio Station:    ErrorFM.com (Internet Radio)

Number to call:  336-299-5994 (alternate number is 336-681-6751)

Todd's 2 1/2 week mini tour of the West Coast completed last Saturday and
was very well reviewed by fans. See the tour page at
http://TRConnection.com/tour/t2007 for the latest reviews and pictures. If
you've been to a show and want to share your thoughts and/or pictures,
please send them to TReviews at TRConnection.com

Music ToddCast

As always, I'm still accepting original music to feature on the TR
Connection Music ToddCast. Since the level of submissions has drastically
fallen off, only a few new podcasts were added during the summer. I hope to
gather enough material to make a weekly update each Monday. If you've got
your own band's music to share, or can suggest some TR-influenced artists
that might be interested in being featured, please send MP3s or web iste
suggestions to to music-podcast at TRConnection.com.

The Music ToddCast can be found at http://TRConnection.com/podcasts/music

Check it out. There's some really good stuff there.
Roger D. Linder, The TR-i Fan Formerly known as RDL22
Antelope, CA
The RoCeMaBra Podcast Group http://Podcasts.RoCeMaBra.com/
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